About Me

My name is Peng SUN, or 孙鹏 in Chinese.

My passion is building the end-to-end machine learning system solution to empower the business scenarios of monetization.

I am currenlty a Software Engineering Manager at Facebook in Seattle, WA. I am leading teams of 25+ software engineers, research scientists, and engineering managers to build machine learning infrastructure for Facebook Ads. We design and build state-of-the-art ML infra capabilities in large-scale realtime training data generation, efficient data storage & data warehouse, distributed realtime model training, and model monitoring & deployment.

I graduated with PhD in Computer Science from Princeton University in June 2015. My PhD advisor is Prof. Jennifer Rexford. My PhD dissertation is Integrating Network Management for Cloud Computing Services. I graduated with B.Eng in Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University in July 2010.

Last update in January 2021